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Thermo-abrasive blasting system and technology.

Our company offers modern and high-efficient technology and system for surface cleaning and preparation.

The technology and system are designed for a high-quality cleaning of metallic and non-metallic surfaces from contaminants and corrosion of any nature: rust, scale, paint, primer, bitumen, tar, mastic, rubber, non-metallic scurf, etc.

The system is built on the principles of High Velocity Air Fuil (HVAF) procecces.

The method is based on the principle of simultaneous thermal and intensive percussive impact on a working surface by a two components high-velocity and high-temperature flow stream, consisting of gas combustion products flow and abrasive particles. This method of abrasive blasting is called thermo abrasive blasting.

A high-velocity thermal blasting system is employed for this method. The system is a technical device profoundly different from the existent tools of cleaning and surface preparation.

Abrasive particles are supplied in a high-velocity gas stream flow that generated by system and accelerated to high-velocity speed and blast working surface with combustion products.

The gun of the system generates a warm air stream at supersonic speed, which accelerates the blast media to achieve extreme impact force and cleaning action.

Compressed air, paraffin or diesel and abrasive are used as operating components.

This method of preparation ensures simultaneous cleaning, degreasing, dedusting, formation of required roughness, heating and surface activation.

This technology enables to achieve surface roughness within the range of 10 to 60 microns and the highest possible purity level S = 3 in compliance with the International Standard for Preparation and Surface Quality Control ISO 8501-1/1988.

The surface cleaned by employing thermo-abrasive technology is proved to be uniformly rough, degreased, heated up to the temperature of 50-60 and reactive. So prepared surface provides for a high level of adherence of protection cover.

The thermo-abrasive system's key features are high efficiency and quality of treatment. The system efficiency for metallic surface cleaning reaches to 60 sq.m per hour of operation. The abrasive consumption does not exceed 4 to 8 kg per m2, and fuel consumption is only 7 litres. Efficient system operation requires up to 300 CHF of compressed air per hour

The thermo-abrasive technology is especially effective when other methods simply don't work.

The thermo-abrasive technology has unequalled performance which makes it possible to undertake jobs that were till now impossible with conventional equipment - and to achieve much improved economy in every respect for all types of pressure blastcleaning.

The thermo-abrasive technology of surface preparation finds a wide range of applications.

It's extremely helpful for cleaning:
  • storages, pipelines and tanks;
  • hulls, motor vehicles and railway transport;
  • bridges, docks, building constructions and technological equipment;
  • hydraulic engineering constructions.

Employing the thermo-abrasive system makes possible:
  • to remove dirt from cement and concrete;
  • to remove old plaster, paint, lime from buildings elevations and any other surfaces;
  • to perform high-quality preparation of old concrete surfaces to joint with new concrete
  • to perform cleaning of facing stone blocks and surfaces made of natural stones before achieving exposed surface finish;
  • to clean runways' surfaces.

The thermo-abrasive system is multipurpose, portable and easy in operation. Due to these advantages operations can be performed in a plant environment, outdoors or in little-suited conditions at a long distance from power supply sources and communications.

  • Supersonic high-performance and cleaning power
  • Abrasive consumption down to 1/4 of traditional blasting
  • Lower costs
  • Less dust emission
  • Easy removal of difficult and/or thick coatings: Metal coatings, Rubber, Ceramic coatings, Polyurethane
  • No manual or mechanical pre-treatment required
  • Drying of wet surfaces + Removal of oil
  • Fine-meshed, regular surface profile, Improved paint adhesion
  • Perfect surface preparation for metal spraying
  • Media: expendable slag abrasives, garnet, olivine, aluminium-oxide, steel and chilled iron, glass and ceramic, plastic, calcium- and (bi)carbonates, organic and other soft media, etc.
  • Durable o Compact o Mobile o Quick and easy to deploy

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